MyDash adds an image slider, as well as a digital or analog clock to the WinCE based GPS system in your dashboard. It was written by Michiel Sno for his 8" CASKA Mazda 6 GPS Navigation DVD player CA3642. It should work on most WinCE based automotive systems though.


In order to make the program work, you need to

  1. copy the files contained in this ZIP archive to a mini SD card. 2GB is much more than enough if you leave out the original navigation program.
  2. copy the NAVI_MAP.cfg from your original SD card to the new SD card
  3. put the SD card into your unit and start the program by pressing the NAV button on your unit.
    This will startup the menu program.

How to use

The menu program

You can push any icon here to open the related program.

The WindowsCE button will bring you to the Windows desktop. Normally you don’t want to be there, but if you do, then the program will stop all processes including the original maplaunch skin from the Sygicprogram. You can restart the menu program by double clicking on ‘My Device’, then ‘Storage Card’ and finally ‘Menu’.

As you will see, there are still 3 buttons open for new programs. I will probably develop some new ones for it in the coming period. You can always contact me via if you have a good idea for a program.

At the bottom right you will see a red button. This will stop the menu program. Normally you will end up in the maplaunch environment of the Caska unit. If you click there in the center, then the menu program will restart.

The FotoSlider Program

This program will show you the pictures in the “Pictures” subdirectory on the SD card in random order. If requested I can add an option for sequential order, just let me know. The program will also show the exact time and your car's speed.

As mentioned above you can add any landscape picture in the “Pictures”subdir as long as it is not bigger then about 1 MB. This is because the Windows CE unit is very limited in its resources. If the photos are too big, you can easily resize them online in one go.

You can exit the program by clicking anywhere on the screen.

The DigitalClockKorn Program

This will show a digital clock with a KoRn label and a green frame. It is meant for when it is dark outside. You will understand that KoRn is one of my favorite bands

You can exit the program by clicking anywhere on the screen.

The DigitalClockSimple Program

This will show a digital clock without any decorations except for the green frame. Its is pretty simple if you want just a digital clock

You can exit the program by clicking anywhere on the screen.

The AnalogClock Program

This will show an “analog” clock. There are two hidden buttons: one at the top-left corner and one at the bottom-right corner

The top-left corner button is for settings, like clockface, backgrounds (stars or single color), size, position and roundness

You can also click and drag the clock wherever you want it. The program will save your settings so that you don’t need to set it again when you return to your car next day.

The bottom-right button is for exiting the program.

Programming onboard systems can be a real adventure - Michiel tells us about it here.

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